本文摘要:On November 11,Todd fry hover,president of the Washington Apple Commission,joined China ‘ s singles day celebration for the firsionboss他在营销巨头阿里巴巴(阿里巴巴华盛顿州的苹果在这家中国电力公司下属的“天猫”网站上销售。


On November 11,Todd fry hover,president of the Washington Apple Commission,joined China ‘ s singles day celebration for the firsionboss他在营销巨头阿里巴巴(阿里巴巴华盛顿州的苹果在这家中国电力公司下属的“天猫”网站上销售。在中国消费者对国内农产品不担心身体健康的情况下,很多外国食品品牌正在寻找现成的市场,华盛顿的苹果就是其中之一。

Singles day,which began as a student celebration of singledom in the early 1990s,Was reinvented by Alibaba in 2009 as a mass festival of constival ofMr fry hover wants every one in China to have ” a repeatable,Wonderful experience on Washington apples “。中国is number six on the list of 60 countries that import apples from Washington ‘ s 450 grows But he thinks it will be number one by next year。ple hover期待所有中国人能够重复华盛顿州苹果的惊人经历。在华盛顿州450个农场种植的苹果60个出口国名单中,中国排在第六位,但普莱霍伯指出,明年中国将跃升到第一位。

He mayberight.by midnight,as a video billboard in Alibaba ‘ s Beijing auditorium showed,$ 14.3 bn of merchandise had been bought午夜阿里巴巴北京western companies are increasingly turning to online commerce,A cheaper and faster way to get to market than setting up store chains or penetrating为了进入中国市场,更多的西方企业正在转向电子商务,如To do this they are learning To love China ‘ s internet conglomerates,informally known as bat-Baidu,The search compomerates为了建立这一点,他们爱上了中国互联网3354巨头,他们已经以惊人的速度主导中国的经济生活,确保零售、金融、运输等多种服务,转移到医疗甚至农业。In just a few years,The bat conglomerates has been able to monopolise every aspect of daily life that could conceivably be put on The web and sold to“theel want to own the customer,they want to be with them every second of the day,when they watch a video,chat to their friends,be“when commy This big in China,the difference between public and private is not that important,”she says。“for all intents and purposes these companies have become the Ministry of the internet。

”中国的互联网巨头逐渐发展为道间基金投资咨询公司(j capital),这种企业是指主导20世纪日本经济,涉足多个行业的国家冠军企业。“当企业在中国发展到如此大的规模时,公私差异仍然是最重要的。

”她说。“实际上,这些企业来自互联网部门。”“But fierce competition means foreign sellers have many options for courting Chinese middle class buyers who are looking to buy imported goods abros但是激烈的竞争意味着外国商人在招募中国中产阶级买家时有很多选择的自由。由于担心国产假货,这些消费者热衷于进口商品的销售。

Alibaba offers A number of options for sellers,including the free ebay-like platform Taobao,Which is basically an online flea market . moss阿里巴巴为卖家获得了很多东西,大部分大型品牌卖场进军亚马逊(Amazon)等天猫,使相关品牌能够更好地控制销售和供应链。宝洁(Procter Gamble)是首家进驻天猫的财富500强企业。据副总裁Jasmine Xu P&G称,自2008年猫入住以来,该平台的销售额增长速度快了100倍。

this year on singles day ms Xu says that pg made its first RMB 100m($ 16m)in six minutes,Compared with eight hours last year。”[TM all]is a key platform to drive brand building in addition to sales,“shesays.xu除了增加销售外,还是推动品牌建设的核心平台。”她叫道。

some merchants have been loath to list on Alibaba,however . it gets vast online traffic,But the pressure to discount and the prevalence of faalence但是有一些
阿里巴巴带来了相当大的在线客流,但一位顾问表示,折扣的压力和洪水泛滥的假货“在天猫上很难维持品牌”。but there are plenty of alternatives . jd.com、Alibaba’s rival、which is increasing its market share、has attracted a nume京东(JDMeanwhile,waiting in the wings is Tencent ‘ s social media app WeChat,Which has more than 500m users and is growing rapidly . fearful of floor另一方面,腾讯的社交媒体应用微信(wechat)正在伺机而动。

微信享受超过5亿用户,正在快速增长。由于对广告和产品洪水泛滥的担忧,腾讯至今无法继续这个应用程序的“货币化”过程。but advertising on we chat is just one way of getting attention,And many companies have found they can win huge marketing success simply by using with但是只有更多的微信广告,很多企业发现,利用微信进行口碑营销可以顺利进行大营销。

Fans of English country living,for example,can join a WECHat group devoted to aga cookers,the iconic English oven brand,watch videos about cooking on an aga,swap messages about it,andIts better than Facebook,better than whatsapp for marketing,“says Jim James,head of east west public relations in Beijing,head of east west public relations”“北京east Public Relations董事长Jim James称之为‘东西公共关系’。”该公司设计了AGA的微信集团。”China in many ways is more switched on to the internet than other countries which have had it for longer。