Five years ago,Facebook turned down Brian Acton for a job。五年前,Facebook多次拒绝软件工程师Brian o Acton的兼职工作。

The Orlando,Fla .-raised software engineer had worked at Yahoo yhoo 0.60% for over a decade when he decided to take time off . for tor expllando Facebook stunned the world when it announced it was scooping up whatsapp for a jaw-dropping $ 19 billionthe most it had ever paid for a stop onlion 美国佛罗里达州奥兰多,雅虎他花了两年时间到处转悠,甚至去了回国的南极,回到硅谷开始了新的工作。由于不被Facebook、Twitter等公司接受,阿克顿开始开发移动短信服务WhatsApp,结果一室一红,全球增加了5亿用户。(威廉莎士比亚、Facebook、Twitter、Twitter、Twitter等)今年2月,Facebook斥资190亿美元收购WhatsApp,震撼外部世界。



That Facebook once rejected Acton,42 is an irony not lost on him . but far from being bitter he says he looks forward to working with Facebook CEO marra“wemie Sagree on some topics,but they understand what communication is like,and they understand the issues around privacy and securityActon现在很清楚他曾兼职facact,但他因此几乎不感到愤慨。疏忽了,他回答说,他期待着与Facebook首席执行官马克奥扎克伯格和他的团队一起工作。



)。“Reaching a $ 19 billion deal was a round about journey for Acton and koum . for one,Acton was already 38 when helped build whatsapp;he spent three years at apple AAPL 0.39% and over 11 years at Yahoo,Where hemet whatsapp首席执行官and co founder Jan koum and eventually became the che(Acton also weatherer D had children。)it ‘ s a different-and far longer-trajectory compared to many of today ‘ s entre preneurs,Who jump into a startup right after collactonpoints out。



(阿克顿经历了再婚,生了孩子。)阿克顿认为他和今天很多创业者不一样,大部分大学毕业后要开始创业,甚至退学创业。Still,Acton and koum ‘ s late-blooming strategy worked . with whatsapp,they developed a dead-simple mobile app that work Or SMS messapp“we’re color。”)because it was free,the app developed a huge following,particularly in Europe and part Where traditional texting can be pricey . that“it just effing works,”said Acton,Explaining in semi-profane terms what app ‘ s appeal。


“we don ‘ t have a lot of gimmick ry . we don ‘ t collect messages or do AAL他们开发的WhatsApp是一款非常简单的移动应用程序,与传统的手机短信非常相似,除了文本信息外,用户还可以发送和收购电话、视频和照片。(阿克顿这样说。)我经常说文字是黑白的,我们的服务是彩色的。”)由于收费,WhatsApp特别是在传统短信服务收费高的欧洲和亚洲,移动通信领域充斥着线、海狸、梅西米等竞争对手。


”talks with Zuckerberg about a potential whatsapp acquisition began heating up in early February,When zuckas he is known to tech insiders“we said,‘oh,shit,‘we’”Acton said,who recalled a mind-numbing 96-hours straight in conference rooms with a阿克顿回忆说:“我不知道。”我们说“意志”。我们应该只考虑木村木村。“所以他们和‘一群’律师一起在会议室折磨了96个小时。

For now,The thing Acton looks forward to most isn ‘ t working with The employer who once rejected himor even getting to 600 million whatsapp“我同意,如果交易达成协议,我不会感到安心。